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Meet Jain
Creative Director

Four years ago, I carved Catanzaro out of the decades-old, family-run Sakariya Synthetics. More info sizzling hot online

The idea of Catanzaro: to redefine linen as the fabric of choice by changing the rules of luxury clothing and interpret linen in a new way. Catanzaro is about infusing new energy to linen with its colour palettes to create a striking visual impact.

I am a self-taught designer. Learning the business over the years has given me insight into what matters and what matters is not chasing numbers, but loyal customers. The company was created from personal passion and personal attachment to the brand. My vision has always been that quality, longevity and overall value are all connected. One cannot survive without the other and in order to be successful, the three must have a harmonious relationship that will advance the brand.

With quality, we only source from the best. We choose our products judiciously to ensure that the end product will always be of the highest quality. In order to ensure the best, we only join with the best; from the suppliers to the people we hire to the partners we team up with. Quality is only ensured when the teams you choose also strive to the highest standard.

When using the highest quality materials and working with the best partners, you ensure longevity in the quality of the final product. Linen, as a material, is known for its longevity and sustainability. With origins dating back to prehistoric era, linen has stood the test of time and continues to do so in the 21st century.

When you have quality and longevity, value follows.