Catanzaro has an incredible way of staying contemporary and classic throughout every single season it puts on. Innovation is undoubtedly one of the best qualities the brand possesses and providing with excellent thesis editing, equally, unparalleled heritage and stature that is at the forefront of everything it creates.

From second-to-none weaves of linen fabrics to flawless manufacturing and everything in between, Catanzaro surpasses the needs of the fashion industry.

At Catanzaro, quality does need not limit to formality; nor does casual hint at careless. The brand seeks the finest yarns and weaves to design linen fabrics with unrivalled distinction.

Gone is the serious uniform of yesterday, and born is the style of today – the linen style.

A pure linen brand that always steps out into a league of its own to create a lasting impression.


Catanzaro prods itself on discretion, exclusivity and craftsmanship with every linen fabric engineered to suit the requirements of a discerning clientele.

Its Made-to-Measure services craft linen fabrics to the highest possible specification with impeccable quality, delivered within stipulated time.

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